Boston Kayaker

Glacier Hiking on Falljokull - in Hof, Iceland

Rating: Four Stars - Oh what an out-of-this-world experience on the glacier!

  Skaftafell Visitor Center. Check-in
  with the glacier hike outfitters.
Start of at hike off Road 1
  in Hof, Iceland.
Hike up and down
Estimated hiking time
  = 5 hours
Do not attempt to hike the glaciers
  on your own with no guides!

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Glacier Hiking on Falljokull - in Hof, Iceland

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At the start of the hike to Falljokull, off Route 1 near Hof, Iceland.
Trip date is June 2018.

From the Skaftafell Visitor Center it was a 15-minute bus ride by our outfitter Glacier Guides.

About 15+ minutes hike from the drop-off point to the bottom of the glacier.
Our guide Tom giving some tips.
The Boston Kayaker on the way to Falljokull.

The Boston Kayaker's wife with matching outfit.

The glacial lagoon now on our left.

All that melting from the glacier forms this river.

Our group now facing the glacier.

We are at the start of the ice of Falljokull.

Here we put harness (if not worn yet) and crampons.

The Boston Kayaker now geared for the hike on the glacier.

Now on the glacier Falljokull.

Our guide Tom axing the ice to improve the trail.

Our whole group now are in this crevasse.

Out of the crevasse.

The glacial lagoon and the river in the background bottom.

This is the eastward view towards the bare rock background.

Getting glacier water.

Drinking very fresh glacial water!

Another group of hikers ahead of us.

A small glacier waterfall.

An ice cave!

Looking to our left (westwards).

Upward hike we continue.

Now we are starting our descent.

The same crevasse.

Out of the ice. At this point, we took off our crampons.

Looking behind.

It was a glorious 5-hour hike up and down Falljokull!