Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Dark Brook Reservoir - in Auburn MA

Rating: One Star - Had a pleasant paddle at this reservoir and if you ignore the constant traffix noise from the busy I-90, it has a surprisingly pristine feel. There are houses on the eastern side but lots of places to beach. A few islands in the middle and the mountain on the north makes for a picturesque lake. I paddled the round trip on Dark Brook Reservoir in exactly 60 minutes.

  Put in at West Street
  in Auburn MA.
Paddle north via
  tunnel under I-90.
Paddle around Dark Brook
  Reservoir and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 2 miles
Dark Brook
Auburn Plaza
  Shopping Center

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Dark Brook Reservoir - in Auburn MA

Other resources:
Mass. Govt: Dark Brook Reservoir
Mass. Govt: Dark Brook Reservoir (cached copy)

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Dark Brook boat ramp on West Street in Auburn MA.
Trip date is September 2014.

The boat ramp is closed and locked with this sign when I paddled.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on Dark Brook Reservoir from West Street boat ramp in Auburn MA.

Approaching a flock of geese.

Geese in flight over Dark Brook Reservoir.

I can see the tunnel under the I-90.

Looking to my left, a cove.

Passing thru the I-90 tunnel on Dark Brook Reservoir.
No wall is too inaccessible for graffiti!

Coming out of the I-90 tunnel and into the main body of Dark Brook Reservoir.

Looking to my left.

Paddling straight ahead, I will circle the Dark Brook Reservoir clockwise.

The western half of Dark Brook Reservoir is undeveloped and plenty of spots to beach.

Veering slight right continuing my clockwise navigation on Dark Brook Lake.

I am now hugging the northern coast on my left.

Now paddling eastwards.

Looking to my right is the busy I-90 on the south side of Dark Brook Lake.

Continuing eastwards.

On my left is another cove that I will just skip and paddle straight ahead.

The big island in the middle of Dark Brook Reservoir.

I am now nearing the eastern side of Dark Brook Reservoir.

Pivoting to my right as I round this northeast corner of Dark Brook Reservoir.

Now paddling southwards with the eastern shore on my left.

The Dark Brook Reservoir outlet dam.

Approaching the southeast corner of Dark Brook Reservoir.

Turning slight right round the corner.

Now paddling westward with the south shore and I-90 on my left.

Private boat launches.

Continuing eastwards, Dark Brook Reservoir has these few islands in the middle.

I briefly faced northwards to take picture of this island in the middle of Dark Brook Reservoir.

Continuing eastwards.

On my right is the reservoir's biggest island.

I-90 on my left.

I am just some feet away from I-90 and can hear all the rumbling traffic.

I-90 saying informing of the distance to Springfield MA and Albany NY.

On my right, the family I saw earlier on their boat on Dark Brook Reservoir.

The tunnel to the southern side of Dark Brook Reservoir.

Passing under I-90 on Dark Brook Reservoir.

Paddle time was exactly 60 minutes.