Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Contoocook Lake - in Rindge NH

Rating: Two Stars - The half-star in that rating is seasonal, that is, when the autumn colors are in display. Otherwise, a still good rating of 1.5! The south end of Contoocook Lake is filled with vegetation. I paddled this lake for 1 hour and 14 minutes.

  Put in at County Road
  in Rindge NH.
Paddle north to narrow
  inlet and return.
Paddle around Contoocook
  Lake and return.
Estimated distance
  = 4.5+ miles
  Public beach and
  recreation area
Contoocook Lake
  Outlet Dam
South end filled with aquatic
  vegetation in the summer.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Contoocook Lake - in Rindge NH

Other resources:
NH Govt: Contoocook Lake Bathymetry Map
NH Govt: Contoocook Lake Bathymetry Map (cached copy)

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At the end of County Road in Rindge NH.
Trip date is October 2015.

The launch area to Contoocook Lake in Rindge NH.

The Boston Kayaker just launched onto Contoocook Lake from County Road in Rindge NH.
I will go around this peninsula directly in front of me.

Veered a little bit to the right.

The boat trail against the vegetation background is marked by buoys on both sides.

On my left, the main body of Contoocook Lake coming into view.

Now paddling northwards.

An island on Contoocook Lake.

Continuing northwards, will paddle Contocook Lake clockwise.

Three kayakers and a pontoon boat on Contoocook River.

Just entered the wide top end of Contoocook Lake.

Will keep close to the coast on my left.

More islands on Contoocook Lake.

I am now at the top end corner of Contocook Lake.
Veering to my right to continue towards the sandy beach area.

A couple on a canoe on Contoocook Lake.

The public beach on Contoocook Lake off Squantum Road.

Continuing eastwards.

Looking to my right southwards, the rest of Contoocook Lake viewed from the north end.

Now rounding the northeast corner.

Veering to my right, now facing southwards.

A private beach on Contoocook Lake.

Now approaching the south end of Contoocook Lake.
Need to go around this peninsula on my right to the take-out/launch area.

I can see the sandy beach takeout.

Looking at my left, the south end of Contoocook Lake filled with aquatic vegetation.

Landing soon. Total time on Contoocook Lake is 1 hour 14 minutes.