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Kayaking On Charles River - from Weston MA to Waltham MA

Rating: Two Stars - I never seen so many kayakers in one trip, about 50+ today. The Charles River kayak rentals provide much of the traffic. Charles River here is starting to become urban but there are still undeveloped stretches. It was a pleasant two-hour round trip for me. I got out of my kayak just before the dam and fish ladder, walk over to the waterfalls.

  Put in at Norumbega Road
  in Weston MA.
Paddle north to Riverwalk Park
  in Waltham MA and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 6 miles
Moody Street
  Charles River Canoe
  Kayak rentals
Boat ramp at Woerd Avenue in
  Waltham MA - alternate put in

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking On Charles River - from Weston MA to Waltham MA

Other resources:
Charles River Watershed Association
Charles River Canoe & Kayak rentals in Newton MA

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At the Norumbega Road launch area in Weston MA.
Trip date is August 2013.

Across the launch area is the Charles River kayak rentals.

On the right at launch is the Route 30 bridge over the Charles River.

Just launched on the Charles River from the Norumbega Road put in.

Marriott Hotel.

A group of kayakers huddling behind the Marriott Hotel.

Here is another group taking lessons on stand up paddling.

Another school of stand up paddlers.

A blue heron on the shores of the Charles River.

This old mill gives me a feeling I am on the Merrimack River instead . . . :(

Prospect Street bridge ahead.

The Moody Street bridge ahead. On the other side of this bridge is the dam and fish ladder.

Found a small landing spot on the Riverwalk Park on river left just before the Moody Street bridge.

Got out of my kayak and will take a walk to the dam / fish ladder.

The Moody Street Bridge.

The Charles River Reservation on the northeast of Moody Street Bridge.

Moody Street Dam on the Charles River.

The fish ladder on the side of the dam.

From the Moody Street Bridge looking upriver on the Charles River.

Back on the Charles River. Now paddling back to my starting point.

The boat ramp at Woerd Avenue.

A pair of brown swans.

Auburndale Park.

The cove at Auburndale Park.

A turtle on Charles River.

I was on the water for two hours including the walk about at Woody Street.