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Kayaking on Charles River and South End Pond - in Medfield MA

Rating: Four Stars - I started on the main stem of Charles River at Route 27 paddling upriver, then turn left on the fork to South End Pond. This is small and undeveloped pond. Took a break on the south bank of the pond and then I searched and followed the Bogastow Brook. I then returned, out of the brook, into the pond, to the pond outlet to the main stem, then downriver on the main stem (follow that?). For all this variation packed in a 2 (to 3) hours of paddling in a route made this an excellent flat water paddling. This is an all-time favorite and I put this route imy top picks.

  Put in at West Street
  in Medfield MA.
Turn left to South
  End Pond.
Enter Bogastow Brook at
  south side of pond.
Turn around in Bogastow Brook
  and return.
  Take out at Route 27
  in Medfield MA.
Estimated distance
  = 4+ miles
Can take a break
  on a pond beach.
Can start at Route 27 take out to
  Bogastow Brook for a round trip.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Charles River and South End Pond - in Medfield MA

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Trip date is June 2012. I kayaked with my neighbor friends.

Just launched on Charles River on West Road in Medfield MA.

The resident cormorant.

Here is the fork to South End Pond.

We just turned left to the branch to South End Pond.

Just entered South End Pond.

On South End Pond.

Entering Bogastow Brook from South End Pond.

There was a big rainstorm the day before so Bogastow Brook is river-like today.

Continuing on Bogastow Brook.

At some point, we turned around to paddle back to South End Pond.

Coming out of Bogastow Brook.

Taking a break at a beach on the south side of South End Pond.

Continuing our trip . . .

Paddling to the outlet of South End Pond.

Disappearing into the South End Pond outlet.

On the stem from South End Pond.

Back on the main stem of Charles River, paddling north downstream to our take out at Route 27.

End of trip. Pictures further below from a different trip.

Pictures above and from here downwards are from a trip in September 2011.
Route 27 bridge over Charles River in Medfield MA.

The steep path down to the put in.

Just launched. Paddling southwards upriver.

More river travellers!

The high-water line very noticeable . . .

The fork on the river.
Turn right to South End Pond.

Turn right I did.

Branching off the Charles River to South End Pond.

A family of kayakers.

There is the entrance to South End Pond.

About to enter the pond.

On South End Pond.

Not very big pond but feels remote as the shorelines are all undeveloped.
Above is the north shore of South End Pond.

Facing south on South End Pond.

A kayaker fishing in one corner of the pond.

A boat load of young people.

And there is the Bogastow Brook.
I am becoming good at finding secret passages! :)

Into Bogastow Brook.

One of the many twists of Bogastow Brook.

Going further into Bogastow Brook.

At around this point, I decided to turn around and paddle back.

In Bogastow Brook paddling downriver to South End Pond.

About to re-enter South End Pond from Bogastow Brook.

One more glance at that entrance to Bogastow Brook.

Beached myself and took a break at the south end of the South End Pond.

Started my return journey. On South End Pond paddling back to the Charles River.

There's the brook will lead me back to the Charles River.

Uprooted by Hurricane Irene from a week earlier.

Back to the Charles River main branch.

Another look back at the river fork to South End Pond.

River front residence.

The Route 27 Bridge over Charles River. Kayak launch is on the right just before the bridge.