Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Charles River - from Route 27 in Medfield MA to Natick MA

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - This is a very pretty stretch of Charles River. Mostly undeveloped shores, wildlife to be expected. The Virgin Mary towards the end of the trip is the icing on this route cake. Very picturesque during the fall.

  Put in at Route 27 bridge
  in Medfield MA.
Take out at Pleasant
  St. in Natick MA.
Estimated distance
  = 4.7 miles
South Natick
Rocky Narrows
  Alternate put in / take out at
  Bridge Street in Dover MA.
Broadmoor Wildlife
Virgin Mary

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Charles River - from Route 27 in Medfield MA to Natick MA

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Wild Turkey Paddlers: Charles River Trip Report
The Trustees of Reservations: Rocky Narrows
The Trustees of Reservations: Peters Reservation
Mass Audobon: Broadmoor Wildlilfe Sanctuary

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The day before the kayak trip, at the Boston Kayaker's residence in Norfolk MA with the relatives from California.
Trip date is August 2017.

At the Route 27 access by the bridge in Medfield MA.

Today's kayak buddies my cousin and family.

The Boston Kayaker standing on the banks of the Charlse and kayak buddies from California.

The Boston Kayaker's favorite nephew (10 years old). Picture taken by his dad in their tandem.

Two more kayaks to launch.

The Boston Kayaker launched last on the Charles River from the Route 27 bridge in Medfield MA.

The Rivada Family of California paddling n the Charles River in Medfield MA.

Today's weather is sunny and perfect kayak temperature of 70sF.

First timers. :)

The flow on the Charles today is almost imperceptible.

Two kayakers and a railbridge.

Turtles abound today on the Charles. I will see more than 20!

On left is the Rocky Narrows Reservation.

The Charles will be bending hard left.

After the river bend.

This picture taken from the rear camera.

Not sure how you will get to this access . . . private?

The Boston Kayaker on the Charles River.


Sign on the left says "Rocky Narrows Reservation"

Two guys fishing from their boat on the Charles.

Bridge Street bridge is in sight.

Taking a short break by the bridge.

Back on the Charles. The Boston Kayaker now in tandem with my favorite nephew.

The sign on Peters Reservation on the right bank.

A blue heron watching kayakers.

Fire gritty when ready!

Squirt away!

River-front house.

Virgin Mary statue.

A pair on a canoe. A footbridge coming up.

Passing under the foot bridge.

A blue heron on the tree.


About 20 feet from the landing spot is the South Natick Dam.

In the background is the South Natick Dam Falls.