Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Boston Harbor - in Boston MA

Rating: Three Stars - The Boston Kayaker is not if he has not paddled the Boston Harbor. But today, on an early August Sunday, I set out from the Fort Point Channel an took a trip to memory lane and saw 3 buildings from the harbor where I used to work. It was a bit early (before 11am) and the marine traffic is still not as crazy as it will be in another couple of hours. Best view of the Boston Harbor really is is from a kayak.

  Put in at Fort Point Channel on
  Necco Street in Boston MA.
Paddle around Boston
  Harbor and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4.5 miles
Harbor can be busy
  with marine traffic.
  Lot full during weekdays.
  Parking fee applie$.
Boston Tea Party
  Museum and ship
Charles River
U.S.S. Constitution

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Boston Harbor - in Boston MA

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Boston Tea Party Museum
New England Aquarium
USS Constitution Museum

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Driving to Boston MA on a lazy Sunday morning.
Trip date is August 2013.
Since I come to Boston to work monday to friday, very unusual for me to go to Boston on a Sunday.

At Fort Point Channel parking lot (south side of the channel).

It's only a few minutes past 9am.

Just launched on Fort Point Channel on my way to the Boston Harbor.
Directly in front of me is the US Post Office distribution center in Boston.

The Summer Street bridge ahead.

There is this pontoon also coming off the same parking lot.
Can launch from this pontoon if you know how.

Beantown Trolley on Summer Street bridge.

On my right, the giant Hood milk bottle of the Boston Children's Museum.

Under the Summer Street bridge.

Just past the Summer Street bridge, to my left is the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

Boston Children's Museum on my right.

Boston Tea Party Ship.
Tourists will be throwing fake bales of tea leaves from this ship to re-enact the original "Boston Tea Party".
The bales are tied to a rope and retracted.

Intercontinental Hotel on the north side of the Fort Point Channel.

Seaport Boulevard Bridge.

Barking Crab restaurant.
I ate here once on a farewell launch for a colleague when I was working at Fidelity's World Trade Center 3 blocks from this resto.

Out of Fort Point Channel and now entering the waters of Boston Harbor.

Not sure what this outhouse is . . . ?

To my right is the Joe Moakley Federal Courthouse.
It was inside this building that I took my citizenship in year 2008 and swore my allegiance to the United States.

Looking eastward to my right is the Logan International Airport.

White boat in center reads "Iroquois".

The red joyride ship "Godzilla" coming out of the busy Long Wharf.

The New England Aquarium Whale Watch ship is backing out of Long Wharf.

The whale watch ship finally facing out and proceeding to the Atlantic Ocean.

Looking east, I can see the control tower of Logan International Airport.

I decided to paddle to the airport's direction so I can see Boston Harbor from a distance.

Boston Harbor.

Looking at the northern part of the Boston Harbor.

Paddling back towards the west side of the Boston Harbor.

I am now paddling towards the Fort Point Channel with the Boston waterfront on my right.

That building with a clock is the Customs House. That glass building to the left of the Custom House is where I worked my first job in this country for First Data in from December 1996 to December 1997.

The busy Long Wharf. Boats come in and out of this.

New England Aquarium.

On the left on this photo, is the World Trade Center (the building with flags).
Worked in that building for Fidelity Investments from October 2006 to June 2008.

Congressman Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse building.

Now returning to Fort Point Channel.

A couple of kayakers in front of the Boston Children's Museum.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston building.

A group of kayakers launched at the Fort Point Channel pontoon.

There is my preferred landing.

I was on the water for a little over hour-and-a-half.