Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Blackstone River - in Woonsocket RI

Rating: Half-Star - The Blackstone River on my kayak day was way below normal. I managed to paddle to Sayles Street bridge and back. Continuing my upriver paddle past the put in, I did not get very far (200 feet) and I can not paddle against the riffles. Do this route if your mission is to paddle the whole of Blackstone River. Paddle time was 38 minutes. If the water level is higher, one can reach farther upstream.

  Put in at Cold Spring Park on
  Harris Ave. in Woonsocket RI.
Paddle downriver to Sayles Street
  bridge and turn back.
Paddle upriver
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 3+ miles
Canal Street

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Blackstone River - in Woonsocket RI

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At Cold Spring Park on Harris Avenue in Woonsocket RI.
Trip date is July 2016.

From Harris Avenue, a short drive to the bottom of the park to the put in to Blackstone River.
Sign at the put in reads: "Warning. Dam 1 Mile Downstream"

The Blackstone River water level today is very low. Seems to be like 5 feet lower than the usual water line.

The Boston Kayaker just launched into Blackstone River from Cold Spring Park in Woonsocket RI.
Paddled to my left downstream.

Approaching River Street bridge.

Passing under River Street bridge over the Blackstone River.

Right after the River Street bridge is a rail bridge.

Approaching the next bridge Fairmont Street Bridge.

Passing under Fairmont Street Bridge over the Blackstone River.

River bending to the left. On the right bank looks like a park with baseball fields.

A small waterfalls coming into Blackstone River.

Another rail bridge coming up.

Sayles Street Bridge.

I am now under Sayles Street Bridge and staring on the top of Thundermist Dam.
I can clearly hear the water falling over the dam.

Turning to my right to return.

Just turned around and now paddling upstream to where I came from.

Rail bridge.

Fairmont Street Bridge.

Rail bridge and then the River Street Bridge.

River Street bridge.

I can now see my launch spot.

The put in I used earlier on my right.

Went past the put in to paddle upriver.

With some difficulty, I will manage to paddle against this riffle in front of me.

After working on that one, I can see it is very shallow here and more quick water to paddle against.

Decided to turn around.

Just turned around and now heading back to my put in / take out.

Landed. Total paddle time is 38 minutes.