Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Big River and Reynolds Pond - from Coventry RI to West Greenwich RI.

Rating: One-and-a-Half Stars - This route is a good 2-hour round-trip paddle. First, the bigger Reynolds Pond, and then, one has to find the source of the Big River. After that, one goes thru the I-95 tunnels (when in doubt, take the middle one). Saw a small turtle swimming beside me.

  Put in at Zeke's Bridge on Harkney Hill Road
  in Coventry RI.
Paddle upriver south
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4+ miles
Rock garden
  Alternate take out / put in at Route 3 bridge
  in West Greenwich RI.
Culvert tunnels
  under I-95.
Big River Management

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Big River and Reynolds Pond - from Coventry RI to West Greenwich RI.

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Harkney Hill Road in Coventry RI.

At the Zeke's Bridge on Harkney Hill Road on this warm day in April 2012.

Zeke's Bridge kayak launch. The parking is on my right (not inlcuded in picture).

This is looking north at Johnson Pond from the put in.

Just launched. I will be followoing the route as described in the Boston Kayaker map above and will paddle south to Reynolds Pond and Big River. Zeke's Bridge is on my sight.

Going under the Zeke's Bridge.

Reynolds Pond.
I will veer to my left as per Boston Kayaker map and chase the Big River inlet.

It's April and the leaves are just budding. Pollen and allergy season actually. :(

Kayaker / fisher.

I will be veering to my left as per map . . .

Keeping right trying to find the Big River . . .

Now the Big River flow is very clear and narrow.

The I-95 tunnels!

As the Boston Kayaker is a middle-of-the-road kind of guy, I will take the middle tunnel.

There is light at the end of the middle tunnel under I-95 in Coventry RI.

Just out of the culvert / tunnel.

I am stuck on this shallow channel!

Got out of my kayak to stretch my legs. From this point, I will be turning around for my return trip.

On my way back thru the I-95 tunnels . . .

Back to Reynolds Pond.


Same kayaker / fisher.

This blue house tells me the Zeke's bridge is just on the right bend.

Zeke's bridge.

Going under Zeke's bridge.

Boat ramp on Zeke's bridge.

The Boston Kayaker has landed!
Elapsed time is One hour and 40 minutes.

This is the alternate put in area on Route 3 I scouted earlier before the start of the trip.

The Big River is really small today! :)

Path down to river access is rocky and uneven.

The Route 3 bridge viewed from the Big River looking north.