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Kayaking on Northern Aziscohos Lake - in Andover ME

Rating: Three Stars - Faboulous almost-private lake. Amazing all the shores are beach-like. Launch is not available to the public and will require to be a guest of Bosebuck Mountain Camps and Cabins or get their permission first.

  Put in at Bose Buck Road off Parmachenee
  Road in Andover ME.
Paddle around northern Aziscohos
  Lake and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 5 to 6 miles
  Permission from Bosebuck Mountain
  Camps required to launch.
Bosebuck Mountain Camps
  cabins and campgrounds

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Northern Aziscohos Lake - in Andover ME

Other resources:
Bosebuck Mountain Cabins and Campgrounds
Maine Govt: Aziscohos Lake

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At the start of Parmachenee Road off Route 16 in Lincoln Plantatin ME.

The turn-off to Bose Buck Road from Parmachenee Road.

Aziscohos Lake.

Bosebuck Mountain Cabins and Campgrounds.

Paddling straight out westward from launch.

Amazing all these sandy beaches all around.

Veering to my right, the plan is to get to the eastern shore then southwards.

The eastern shore now on my left and heading southwards.

Every inch of the shore is a potential landing spot. Nice.

The cove on my left has some cars on the beach.

Skipping the cove on my left, I will instead go near that island on the right half of this picture.

The island now on my right, will hug the coast of this island.

Looking to my left, the eastern shore of Aziscohos Lake.

I have now reached the southern end of this island.

Looking south, I decided I will not go farther south and will now turn around.

Turning to my right, I was not sure how far it will be if go arround the island.

The island now in front of me again, I decided to go to the right of the island taking the same route on my way back (ie, west side of the island).

Now back to where I can see the Bosebuck cabins where I launched from.

A pair of loons in front of me.

Loons on Lake Aziscohos.