Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Assabet Reservoir - in Westborough MA

Rating: Two Stars - Lots of wildlife, mostly underveloped shores, can easily sped 2 to 4 hours here.

  Put in at boat ramp on Mill Street
  in Westborough MA.
Paddle around reservoir
  and return.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 4+ miles
Alternate put in at Arch Street
  in Westborough MA.
Can beach on
  this island.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Assabet Reservoir - in Westborough MA

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Organization for the Assabet River
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At the Assabet Reservoir on Mill Street in Westboroug MA in May 2012.
Some work going on and the dam area is fenced off. The ramp was locked and has to portage to the water from here.

Woohoo! Just launched. I am looking west.

I always look back at my launch and try to take a mental picture that I will use later when returning.

I will check out this island.

I am now past the island and in front of me the bigger western part of the Assabet Reservoir.

The shores are undeveloped on this side on my right.

This does not look like a residential house. I am guessing housing for some pump?

A group of swans. Never bother by my presence.

I am here at a cove and trying to find the Assabet river inlet.

I am getting into this cove at my left. Let's see what's in here.

Ok. This clear path in the marsh might lead me to something. I followed this thru but end up in a dead end marsh . . .

I am heading out of this cove and into the main body of water.

Swandering . . .

Nesting swan on Assabet Reservoir.

I am actually this far . . . just used zoom in the picture above.

I am paddling towards the southwestern corner of the Assabet Reservoir. I am still trying to find the inlet.

O there is a canoiest that just put in.

This is the alternate put in to Assabet Reservoir at Arch Street in Westborogh MA.

There are grills on the inlet to Assabet Reservoir.

This put in at Arch Sreet is small and only has space for a few cars.

Now that I walked around and stretched my legs, ready to go back to my kayak.

Re-launching. I am not on my return journey to where I started at Mill Street.

A very active nest!

I actually saw the chick bird but no picture of it.

Heading back to the island.

The north shore of Assabet Reservoir.

There is my island marker.

Here is the island. The water around the island is knee-deep and should be easy to beach.

That trailer office is my marker for my launch site which is also my take out site (round trip)

The Boston Kayaker has landed. That was a relaxing 2 hours on the water. The weather is spring-like and I hardly sweated . . .