Boston Kayaker

Kayaking on Apponagansett River and Bay - in South Darthmouth MA

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Stars - This route has the good combination of the big/choppy waters of Apponagansett Bay and the quiet tidal Sand Creek estuary. The estuary is best explored during high tide. The only negative about my experience was I got a $45 parking violation. I did not mind the signs saying that the launch area requires resident permits or pay park fee.

  Put in at park on Gulf Road
  in South Darthmouth MA.
Paddle around Apponagansett
  River and return.
Paddle into Sand
  Creek at high tide.
Estimated round trip
  distance = 5+ miles
  The mouth of Apponagansett
  can be busy with traffic.
Apponagansett Point
  Recreation Area
Resident Permit
  or fee to park

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to determine the legality, suitability and safety of this route for yourself.

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Kayaking on Apponagansett River and Bay - in South Darthmouth MA

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At the launch area for Apponagansett River and Bay on Gulf Road in South Darthmouth MA.
Mind the parking fee requirement or pay the parking violation of $45 like I did.
Trip date is August 2014.

The boat ramp to Apponagansett River and Bay.

Beside the ramp is this boardwalk.

A boater about to launch onto the Apponagansett.
All the above photos were taken 2 weeks earlier than the actual kayak trip (below) when the sun was a lot brighter.

The Boston Kayaker's daughter on Apponagansett River.
Sky is gray. We launched just a few minutes after high tide.

The Boston Kayaker just launched on the Apponagansett.

To our left is the Apponagansett Point Recreation Area.

Veering to our left, the plan is to paddle into Sand Creek first.

Past the recreation area, we can see the bridge over Sand Creek.

Passing under the Gulf Road bridge over Sand Creek.
I noticed the current flowing north from the creek (meaning the tide is receding).

Just entered Sand Creek.

I can see this tree with more than 5 herons on it like big fruits.

I count 5 white herons and 1 blue (gray) heron.

A white heron on Sand Creek.

Stone wall.

Looking behind at my daughter.

I think this is as far as I want to go into Sand Creek.

Just turned around and now paddling back into Apponagansett.

Not easily seen in this photo, but it was a small crab that this bird has on its claws.

Crossing Gulf Road bridge from Sand Creek into Apponagansett.

On my left is the west coast of the Apponagansett.

Water skiing on Apponagansett River.

Wake from the water skier's boat.

Facing eastwards, we will round that island and get back to where we launched.

Paddling to the eastern shore . . .

We are now directly north of the island, with the island on my right.

The resident geese of the Apponagansett.

Stand-up paddler and her dog on Apponagansett River.

A floating two-storey house on Apponagansett River.

For Sale $19,500.


My parking violation ticket.