Boston Kayaker

The Boston Kayaker, his kayak house and his kayak fleet.

This website is a compilation of kayaking routes in New England that the Boston Kayaker has paddled or planning to. The trails are mostly flat water (up to Class II rapids) intended for "recreational kayakers".

Suggested trips 2 to 4 hours just like Goldilocks would like it: not too short and not too long! Below are some statistics about this website:

  Kayak Routes
by State
  Massachusetts 159     71     116     0     346     12,759  
  Rhode Island 44     23     12     0     79     3,482  
  Connecticut 32     19     68     0     119     2,543  
  New Hampshire 51     53     116     1     221     4,666  
  Vermont 14     23     79     1     117     1,564  
  Maine 16     17     166     0     199     1,306  
  Far Away 21     5     11     5     42     2,028  
  Totals 337     211     568     7     1,123     28,348  

The Boston Kayaker found kayaking a truly enjoyable sport that takes you to places you will otherwise never see. All that paddling makes you fitter and healthier. Once you buy your gear--which a long long time-- the rivers and lakes are free to explore.

This is a non-commercial website with no advertisements. The Boston Kayaker will never try to sell you anything! Links to outfitters and other websites were provided gratis. Send emails to for suggestions, comments and questions.

Enjoy kayaking fellow travellers! The great outdoors is waiting!

A sampling of this website's photo albums below.

On Pawtuckaway Lake
- in Nottingham NH June 2012
This picturesque lake is dotted with tiny rocky islands.

On Charles River
- in Boston MA September 2013
Sailors from M.I.T. honing their skills on Charles River in Boston MA.
The tall building in the background is the Prudential Tower where the Boston Kayaker
worked for 30 months (December 1997 thru June 2000).

On Merrimack River
- from Boscawen NH to Penacook NH September 2017
We saw plenty of wildlife on the Merrimack river. Turtles, herons, cormorants, and more.

On Willoughby Lake
- in Greensboro VT July 2013
The view was faboulous with Lake Willoughby between the twin mountains Mounts Hor and Pisgah.

On Norton Pond
- in Norton VT October 2013

I was just 15 minutes into this paddle trip on Norton Pond when
I spotted this leaveless tree that has some two big birds perched.

Two bald eagles!

On Sudbury River
- in Wayland MA June 2012
A blue heron in flight on Sudbury River.

On Charles River and Populatic Pond
- in Norfolk MA July 2011
From the Populatic Pond, we paddled to the Charles River inlet.
Looking for and finding the inlet for first time is like finding a hidden passage way to a secret world (of kayaking) . . . :)

The Boston Kayaker's Kayak House in January 2012
The winter was otherwise snowless.

On Connecticut River and Barton Cove
- in Gill MA October 2010
Autumn foliage on Connecticut River at French King Gorge.

On Saguenay Fjord
- in L'Anse-Saint-Jean, Québec July 2010
The Boston Kayaker and group paddling past the L'Anse-Saint-Jean marina.
Heading for the west side of the cove and then onto the Saguenay Fjord.

On Contoocook River
- in Hopkinton NH June 2010
One good afternoon on Contoocook River.

On New River
- from Thurmond WV to Fayetteville WV July 2008
Appalachian whitewaters!

On Newfound Lake
- in Alexandria NH August 2011
Another kayaker along the west side of Newfound Lake.

On Colorado River and Black Canyon
- in Willow Beaach AZ April 2011
The magnificent Black Canyon carved by the Colorado River.
The river is also the state border dividing Nevada on left, and Arizona on right (when facing north upriver).